Strained Citrus Honey - 240 g

Strained Citrus Honey - 240 g

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✓ Chestnut honey supports appetite ✓ Helpful during fonsillitis ✓ Supplement for psoriasis and eczema patients ✓ Chestnut honey supports against muscle pain


Prof Saracoglu Strained chestnut honey is obtained from chestnut forests located in the Eastern Marmara (Turkiye) region and the Black Sea region. Honey obtained from apiaries placed during chestnut blosson. The chestnut blossom period is short period and a careful work is carried out to preserve the proportion of chestnut in the honey. As a result, the chestnut blossom (Fabaceae, Catanea sp.) content in the honey can have a range between 85% to 91%. The honey obtained is approved by the competent laboratories by making analyzes. Preparation Technique Honeycombs taken from beehives in the apiary are turned into strained honey in tents set up inside the apiary. The strained honey, filled into cans, is sent to the processing center. After receiving accreditation from the laboratory, the accepted honey is heated up to 40 degrees here and passed through coarse filters to remove honeycomb wax and other particles. The filling process is completed in this state. Moisture content: 18.8% pH level: 4.8 HMF value: 4,6 mg/kg

Obtained from (chestnut) honey Prof Saracoglu Strained chestnut honey does not contain additives

Consume 1 dessertspoon of Prof Saracoglu Strained chestnut honey, once a day 1 hour after breakfast. For children over 1 year old should be 1 dessterspoon once every other day. Store in a cool and dry place. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Temperature higher than 45°C and bright light decrease diastasis values and increase HMF values. Because it is natural, it can crystallize. It can be dissolved in 45°C hot water or consumed in its natural form. All descriptions on the website are based on information from the manufacturer or supplier. We recommend that you carefully read the instructions for use and warnings before using a product.

✓ Strained black chestnut honey is suitable for children over 1 year old ✓ It is not recommended for people with diabetic ✓ Keep out of reach of children. ✓ Please note that Strained chestnut honey is only supportive ✓ Consult and inform your physician about your use of this product

It is legally not allowed to give information about the benefits of Strained chestnut honey. You can search in open sources for more information. If you have any questions, please send us a message via our chat support. Wishing you healthy days