I found that a mixture of thickly sliced apricots with red apple peels creates an excellent mask that refreshes and revitalizes the skin. While the application of apricots with red apple peels did not provide a solution to the skin condition I was researching, as a side effect, it resulted in a successful facial mask that can be applied for skin freshness, vitality, and a beautiful complexion.

The ingredients you will need for this mask are: one firm, non-sour, medium-sized red apple and four firm apricots. The peel of one medium-sized red apple is thinly peeled. The thinly peeled peels of the red apple are used for the mask. Four firm apricots (not soft) are each peeled to about 1.5 cm thickness (with their peels). The soft placenta part around the core of the apricot should not be used. Four thinly peeled red apple peels and four thickly peeled apricots are together placed in a small pot and boiled with very little water added at low heat with the lid closed for five minutes to form a paste.

While forming the paste, it is also thoroughly mashed with a fork. Care should be taken not to make the paste too runny. During the five-minute paste-making time, a little water is added gradually to maintain a non-too runny consistency, and it is thoroughly mashed with a fork or spoon to make it homogeneous. When five minutes are completed, it is allowed to cool. Once cooled, it is spread lightly over the forehead, nose, and face with the help of two fingers without pressing too hard, and left on for at least twenty and up to thirty minutes. Then the face is washed only with water and dried with a towel. This process is applied once a week. It should not be applied more than three times a month. It must be freshly prepared each time.

Note: If you are prescribed medication by your doctor, use it. Use this application as a supplement. First, you need to know if you are allergic to the plant you are going to use. Consult your doctor about this. Regardless of your complaint, do not attempt to treat yourself with the information here without consulting a doctor and getting a diagnosis.